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Infused Story

Hi! I'm Kim Barnes, the vision behind Infuse-able Cocktails. 

I was a public education teacher for 15 years before COVID left me feeling burned out to the point that I needed to make a change. My change came in the form of cocktails... Infuse-able Cocktails! 

Mixology and entertaining have always been a part of my life. And now they are my business too! I love creating flavors that embody the Colorado lifestyle. And I recommend taking your cocktail outside and sipping it while looking at one of the thousands of awe inspiring views we have in this magnificent State!


This was a total cliff dive of a life change for me. As a single Mother of 3, I risked everything. Now, I am happier than I imagined but most importantly I am setting an example for my children to strive for the life they want to manifest. I want them to know that they can do anything even if it takes starting over. I am living my dream everyday by being in control of my future and by sharing my creativity and hard work with others. 

Every time you purchase an Infuse-able you are helping support a small Colorado business and I thank you!



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